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It’s time to move over and let the kids take a turn in the Driving Seat!


Children from 3 - 10yrs can come and experience our Mini Land Rover Safari - Open now at; 

‘Junglemania Adventure Golf’ in Farnham - Surrey - GU10 5HP. 


The driving course is specifically designed for our Mini Land Rovers,

creating a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


Whilst navigating the off-road Safari Track, look out for the animals ... 

collect stamps & house animal puzzles along the way.


The experience lasts approx. 40 minutes! 

A friendly safety briefing will be provided at the start of each experience. 


*Maximum Height: 5’ or 150cm

*A maximum of 2 Children per car.


Driving Licence
For Every Child!

Driving experiences are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

We anticipate the Mini Land Rover Experience to be in high demand as we currently only have 2 vehicles available.

We therefore recommend booking in advance.

Walk ins are welcome ... However we cannot guarantee availability.


  *Please note: A Parent | Guardian (18+) is required, to supervise the car, at all times.

You will be required to walk behind the vehicle,

with a remote (to enable you to stop the car if needed.)

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